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"StreamingConnect" drives through an OTT television channel the Brand Image of each of the Brands, products and services associated with an OTT thematic channel. STREAMINGCONNECT GENERATES AND POWER OWN TELEVISION TELEVISION CHANNELS THAT CONNECT WITH THE BRAND "allowing its broadcast distribution through the internet to television systems by air, satellite cable and IPTV and internet alarm systems. Based on our technological system designed for that purpose, called BROADCAST MANAGEMENT SERVICE OTT, which allows to present the contents for the search selection and ordering by the user. We manage to cover the new realities of diffusion and commercialization, based on Branding and Performance actions, through the creation and viral diffusion of a channel of own TV in linear form by Internet OTT, towards multiple accounts in form simutnea of Youtube and facebook. OTT television becomes the ideal way to spread the products and services of each brand through social networks and OTT distribution channels. The internationalization of thematic channels oriented to specific products and services through the Internet is an immediate requirement and can represent a turning point in the communication strategy ".



Consultants for the generation of Brand Image Communication Institutes for countries products and services